Indecision’s Appetite

Indecision's Appetite

He stood at the counter to place his order
Nobody showed up for a while
When they did
He forgot what he decided
Because the wait was too long

He ordered anyways
Whatever came to mind
It didn’t matter
That he was indecisive
About what he really wanted

People gazed at him
To see what he would order
He knew he wouldn’t be satisfied
Because of indecision’s appetite

The onlookers grew impatient
With the diligent look on his face
As he looked around
Hoping someone would tell him
What should be on his plate

More people
and left

He remained
and betrayed

Indecision had an appetite
That only decision could fulfill
And the menu only offered
The equivalent of a meal

So he tucked away his money
Cancelled out his order
Thought about it for a while
Realized it wasn’t worth the bother


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