it’s all about ME …

If you really want to grasp an understanding of who I am, read my blogs. That’s how I find out about myself. I’m often surprised by who I find.

Chances aOn a Good Dayre, however, you will only decide to read my stuff after finding out who I am. For some of you, telling you I’m an axe murderer would have you sitting down with a pot of coffee reading everything I’ve ever posted. Others, might see how ridiculously educated I am, and run for the hills. My student loans make me want to run for the hills too!

In the end, those meant to read and connect with me, will. That’s just the way it is. On that note…

…I am female.

I have an A.A. in Communications, B.A. in Sociology, M.A. in Depth Psychology, and I’m in dissertation phase at Pacifica Graduate Institute. My current degree’s emphasis seeks to explore and synergize the psychology of community, liberation, and place. In other words, how we are as a group, how those group dynamics push us to try to control and dominate (leaving some in need of liberation), and how our earth and sense of place figure into it all.

I do art. All the time, and lots of it. I’m mostly interested in the process and cathartic component of art, rather than its aesthetics and commodity value. However, if you see a piece of my work you must have, make me an offer.

I’m a curious truth-seeker who wishes to be surprised. I love being right, and I don’t mind being wrong. Truth, love, and playfulness are essential to my journey.

NOTE: I LOVE DIALOGUE. If my blog stirs you up, please share. If you simply want to make a comment and hope to god I don’t engage in a rant, put that in your comment too. If you have a question, ask. A criticism, hand it over. An appreciation, offer it. For me, it’s about being curious and playful with words and ideas.

… let’s go have some fun!


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