We Were Young

We were young you and I
before we were told Boy!
one day you shall grow old
wake up one morning and die

Dancing and playing
we doled out pranks for fun
spewing out laughter
as if it were in season
for every one!

We sprang and we ran
in the rain as we splashed
and we sang for disdain
had not taken command
nor had the stock market
staked claim to our aim

Not knowing what
life was all about,
we did the hokey pokey
and turned this mother out!

With life in full session
we laid out in the sun
twisting our bellies
up to the sky just for fun
oh how hard we played
you and I

And how we laughed as
we fenced each other in
making funny faces and gigglin’
We had a blast we did
naivety e’er the veil
to the state of affairs
and the angst of our ails

Instead we gazed upon
and pondered and dared
to take wonder by
the amazement of the
pitch black-haired
caterpillar and how
she dared to inch
her way to the fate
of her existence

And oh! what an existence
she would grow up to be!
So the same should
be fostered in you
and in me

For you see, and
as it should be
that our continuance
as human will seize to be
but of a genuine presence
’tis our true destiny

So as I inch my way
through the living of
this life we call today
I choose to live it
from morning until night
to its fullest,
belly laughing out loud
You and me happy as we play

for Jose … R.I.P. 1925-2016 (the grandfather of my local Starbucks barista)

We Were Young.jpg


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