Riddle Me This…

Rising, beastly in reform
spectrally reborn, it bears no name
because it fears no shame;
yet just the same it recognizes
that to which it has come to lame.

To it’s own rescue it cannot procure
and in moments obscure
it lapses…momentarily, demur.

Of a thousand faces it reflects none
and when it bears witness to global crime
it swears by no one.

Men on deck, women on board
of ill intent it avows,
swearing he said she said,
as it allows death by plow!

They break break shed of our
tears, dripping of led
ne’er once leading us
to the promised land.
But of concealed hands…
it offers in sham, more detriment.
Come on man!

It’s a shame to not have
figured out, how to
see eye to eye,
rather than equating justice
with a lie for another… lie.
Shan’t we one day
see our way to honoring
the thee and thy.

Riddle me this –
what are thee and they
to do with the equation
of the nation, our state of affairs,
when every other naysayer,
croni-social, political
manipulator, is a
(fill-in-the-blank) hater?

To our dismay have we
sidestepped the jester,
too blinded by our own
dog and pony show?
Have we succumbed to a fall…
great nation and all?!

God save the queen
for nobody knows
what is her plan,
must we now fear her
in the form of president-man?!

But shit’s about to go down
nation’s being run by…um
a clown -solve the riddle before
we drown!


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