Let Love Steer You Right….getting along for the holidays

let-love    It occurs to me I should love myself in spite of what I might discover…about myself. Twelve houses (and counting) in the zodiac chart clearly indicate even centuries ago mankind struggled to organize ways to learn his ways. If only we could implicate the time and place of our birth, and the placement of the galaxy, on our behaviors, we might perhaps then be held less accountable for the errors of our ways.

I can’t remember the first time I lied or felt anger toward another person, neither can I recall the moment I wished suffering upon someone else – but once succumbed to those ill feelings it became difficult to recall a time of innocence when I was not capable of thinking such thoughts.

The frequency of ill feelings or bad thoughts towards others are few and far between, and has less to do with nobility and moral, rather more with my inability to deal with the guilt and shame of how it can harm others. I am however, taken back by people, particularly public figures such as our president-elect, who unabashedly spew from their mouth such things that ring of hatred and show a lack basic human consideration.

It begs the question in a time of finger pointing and blaming – what about self-reflection? At the end of the day, or more ideally, in a moment of tension or anger, why don’t more people pause and consider their words or actions? At the risk of sounding like a propagandist for Buddhism or some other monk-orientated philosophical zealots, how is it we have become a society who talk, act, and post well before we think things through?

So says the driver known to blurt out in the privacy of her 4Runner, hey man! blinkers are for before you make your turn…dumbass! What the heck! He can’t hear me; therefore no harm done. Then, two off ramps later I find myself pledging a handful of Hail Mary’s in hopes of regaining good status with the almighty Universe. I’m not even Catholic.

But what if the non-blinking dumbass driver is, and his god gets even with me?! Ha! And come on! There may have been a time or two when I forgot to use my blinker. Perhaps this was his second time forgetting, and I just happen to be the unlucky driver inconvenienced by his seemingly sudden maneuver. What if….just maybe…to the best of his knowledge, his blinker was working, he did flicker it to forewarn me of his intended right turn – but the light bulb had went out and he had no clue?

See, forethought, hindsight and wherewithal haven’t much place when emotions, honking horns and bad behaviors go flying and everyone’s mad at everyone and no one’s thinking of these possible scenarios prior to reacting.

Instead, with the back of one hand to our forehead and a deep sigh of victimhood from having had a bad childhood, or a bad planet alignment the day we were born, we pray to god we never have to encounter another bad driver like that again.

And who has much time to reflect at seventy five miles per hour…right?!

When I was in junior high preparing for driver’s education they required us to look through magazines and watch videos titled Red Asphalt. They were basically high-speed, crash site porn – as gruesome as they come. With torn apart automobiles and mangled body parts tangled around trees.

They were meant to warn us against acquiring bad driving habits, and refrain from thinking we would ever be immune from the laws of physics. When it came down to it, the driver’s Ed teacher forewarned our class composed of adolescent ambitious drivers; a mixture of high speed and inexperience inevitably left the car and driver at the losing end of the stick.

Of course, with a moon in Virgo I took matters to the extreme and instead of simply taking the hint and being a cautious driver, I acquired anxiety attacks every time I got on the freeway; an anxiety-inducing apprehension that would take well over a decade to overcome.

The point being, when it comes to how we perceive situations, encounter other human beings, or, use moments of reflection to decide how to appropriately act, the pendulum can swing….and sometimes real hard. Like Trump, we can act the fool and mock the physically disabled, or, without hesitation make misogynistic remarks – and guess what, possibly still become president. Or, we can take precautionary advise about safe driving and become reckless in our attempt to not get in an accident.

Where exactly is the middle of the road in consideration of our own well-being and the sensibilities of others? If we go too far on either end, do we then become useless to the whole scheme of human interactions, leaving us useless in a moment of political correctness…. indecisive to any cause?! Will this offend him or her? Wait a minute…I think you just offended me, let me check my book of political correctness.

Love conquers all. That’s what I heard someone say this morning during a conversation on the topic of loneliness. So is the bottom line how can we all get along so that none of us behaves our self into bitter loneliness? Not that love necessarily plays into our freeway affairs, but in all fairness the mood I end up in, or I put the other driver in, can very well spill over onto those we love.

At the end of the day what occurs to me from my own experience is, take any and all advise with a grain of salt and be anxious for nothing. Consider the heart and soul of others, and the load they might have to carry on any given day. And simply be mindful – keeping in mind we are sensitive human beings capable to making mistakes here and there.

And when you feel love or kindness (yay for both!) hold on to that energetic aura and let that direct the course of action. The Virgo in my chart can on occasion over analyzes things, but my heart, and the aura of love and kindness…never steer me wrong.

Happy Holidays.



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