I will lie down
Beside myself
Until you and me
Emerge into reverie

Through fallen trees
And wartime eras
Will I seek peace
Until it prevails
Sin and sorrow

And of the morrow
I will laugh out loud
Giggle in your ear
Let humor
astound us both

Feverishly I will
trail behind you
At speeds unknown to inertia
In order that I might
slow down
And let you
Into me…a lean
Into me

I will lend my ear
Unto your voice
alas you have spoken
To all who’ve heard
The both of us

Then we will climb…
Climb onto a branch
Stretch out our arms
Until salvation befriends
Lost souls…
Lots of souls
And forgotten foes

And I will try my best, too
To progress
Grow outlandishly
Till I surrender
my suffering within
And watch…
Watch me
As I catch up to you
So that I might kiss
All of your lip

I will kiss your lips
Caress your neck
Smooth out your back
I will, I will do that
With you, for you
Because of you

Your soul will I inhale
Like sweet nectar
Embracing all that the moment
has to offer

And I will live to tell
Others about it
How we danced
And we drifted
Sparkled and we twined
Around each other

And still others
My lover, my brothers
Mother and my sister
And some friends
Those will I intertwine with also
Once more

And then again
Will I meet you at the shore
Where whence will I seek
Again and again
To sit and speak of you
Of how I once knew you
I saw you, I did
And you me…
And how we both could see
It was Interconnection
Tied amidst our core
That bequeathed us

April 26, 2016


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