Ideal in Me



I became the Ideal
when projected on to you
twas the I, I despised
looking way down below
I saw in my gut
with thine own eyes

That whilst it was you
whom I said
was to blame for my dread
it was I to begin with
who came breaking bread

The change I dared to see
began in me
rendering me incapable
of deluding myself
into thinking
you were the enemy

Shit begins getting real
can it be
that in front of me
coming from below
whence the dungeons
is you transforming me

Through chrysalis
of entangled projections
through thorough reflection
and careful inspection…
I cannot fathom
nor can I see
‘tis I, you, or me?!

Whose twisted fate?
Whose penitence or cross?
Who will run or win?
Will there be loss?!

I became the ideal
I wanted you to be
whence years ago
I prayed for it
to happen to me

That things would be…
different, God said
I could see
He said I would see
when the ideal became we

And through chrysalis
mimicking catastrophic analysis
sorrowing paralysis
we implode in vast dispersion
whilst I sit in contemplation

I became the ideal
I meant for you to be
And now it’s me
I see!
You see?!
You are me












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