Walk On By


What are we doing
when we walk on by
when we walk on by
when we won’t say hi
when in the eye
we refuse to oblige

Does hunger grip you
tell you what to say
do you scream
when I turn the other way

How many times do you wave
are you waving me to come nigh
or telling images to ad-here
to their respective alibis

How does it feel
when by your side
not one will stand
dismissing humanitarian
basic courtesies of man

Telling me what it’s like
do you sigh
exactly what goes on
in that mind …of your yours
when I walk by… and by

If I stop and say hi
if I don’t walk on by
what would you say
what would I say
…I see you
you see me?

Wanting to commune
as we communicate
dialogue as we talk
embrace as we engage
let’s consider that neither
you nor I
will walk in lies
but instead offer
food and grace
…to live by

Are you my son
someone’s son
of a mother or wife
do you feel life’s strife
when in the blink of an eye
I walk on by

And of your wellbeing
my mental stillness
will our souls stride
in a walk-on-by
will we say hi
Will either of us notice?

March 30, 2016


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