The One Percent

there are no confinements
no matter how delusional
one percent may be
as they fall to the ground
from the trees.

we got thumbs
from the trees

I’m stumped by chumps
who can’t get enough trump
squeaking by on pennies a day
they’ll pay millions
for the minorities to stay

locked up in your lock ups
sanctioned by your rules
you wear your thrones and gowns
as if you’ve got nothing to lose

no matter how delusional
the one percent can be
at any given moment
ninety-nine wakes up
having dreamt of being thee

watching blue cars go by
bicycles on two wheels
we forget why we fret
over what’s merely cheap thrills

instead we should
watch daisies grow
up to reach the sun
the son went on the cross
holy moly
one percent
think they’ve won

who has won
not a one will run
reaching for stars and galaxies
referring to astrological
natal melodies
can’t decide to copulate
or live in celibacy

its you again
my friend
its your time to rhyme
the lyrics don’t matter
its a matter of time

are you the one
the ninety-nine
oh never mind

it’s just a lion’s roar
a game of war
the jungle knows
who’ll deal the score

we are not confined
by a delusional one percent
without them
they are us
must have been heaven scent

without them we may not know
where to plant trees or sow…
so when we complain that they must go
try not to forget
with our words
with our motives
and our actions
the same seeds
have we sown

we are not confined
by delusional one percent
we are merely
descend -ents
from another mother
same father
whose bastards they beget
in the end

when we communicate
sometimes only to commiserate
we consume each other’s fodder
it is fodder for the soul
oh Father rest my soul
help me to under-stand
than to be under-stood

where do i plant my seed
where do I go to sow
and when I reap the benefits
of this or that or the other
does it matter who my father is
what foddered this
or once again turn to mother?

no, we are not confined
by the delusional one percent
we must merely live our life
in the elusion of consent

in the moment, be it the present
as you presently sin
remember you reap what you sow
so dim down the grin
and quietly repent

March 22, 2016


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