for you … I am thankful

When you are old
I will moisten your lips
put lotion on your hands
exfoliate your feet

If ever there comes a time
in sickness and in health
that you are in need of another
I will carry my own weight
so that I can wait on you

When horizons begin to blur
between day and night, and
you can no longer feed yourself
I will nourish you,
break fast when sun rises
offer sweet nectar at noon
serve something warm, for dinner

Not by my standards
nor others
but by yours
will I walk
as many steps
before or behind you
as you need me to

It is you
who once sought
for my child
that which soothed
his soul, which in turn,
soothed mine

You placed them
You did, you laid them
one-by-one, cobblestone
at my feet
for me to walk
and, along the road
for countless others
to get along their busy days

But have you ever been told,
perhaps you just haven’t heard
what it means
to have you in the world
among us

And, are you aware
of the unique contribution –
to my soul
to my reality
to my vitality,
that you bring?

It might be another day
less than two hours from now
possibly eternity
till time reveals
the entire meaning
of you

Sit still in this moment
face it like no other –
allow your gaze
to wander …

Think not about the past
of what might come before you,
what has fled behind you
think, neither
of this, nor of that

In fact …
Think not.
Instead, delve silently
into knowing …
distinctly, know
the wisdom
of your inner divine

You ought to know this …
without a doubt …
earth is your home
chance, chose you

And when
the time comes,
and should that be today …
to morrow, perhaps never
I will kneel at your feet,
wash them –
and contemplate your soul

Because it is you
I have come to know
and in you, it is me
I am now able to know

Eternally …
for us both,
for the Anima mundi
I say unto you,
for you …
I am thankful.

GJ Padilla 11/30/2015


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