you yearn
for the morrow.
no more
than a skeptic,
you blindly
reach for the shards
of not-knowing,
what once was.

You cannot escape,
you can only
become what is now known.
Will you scream,
bury sorrow?
Sit in silence
as your cat purrs?

Entangled, you know not why,
before there is sorrow
streams down below
giggle as they spring up.

And yet, you wait.
At times, for a long time,
for this shallow birth.
Only to discover
an imaginable
version of yourself.
Two sides of you
sustaining one –
yet somehow
there seems to be
no beginning, no end
to what you have stumbled upon.

It was you!
You’re the one who said yes.
You opened the door,
looked deep inside
and utterly gasped
when you saw the relevance
of nothing…
like you’ve ever seen before.

You consented anyways.
Agreed upon the terms
of what could haunt you.
Being nothing more
than your shadow
you cried out…loud!
in absolute laughter –
for the times when you didn’t know.

What words would come
to chaperone destiny
through this turbulent journey?
Will they arrive…
words to deliver
another moment in time
when you knew not
of a bitter…sweet,
thing called life.

Biting eagerly
you quench for the nectar
looking for meaning
behind every mood
only to discover,
with each bite,
a new bitterness.

Is this when the ship
sails in?
Your sun sets?
God meets god?
Or shall you
take another bite,
climb into the bitterness
and succumb to the nectar?

for Jesse M.
because at times, many times, I wish I didn’t know.
October 8, 2015


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