A Black Male by Roland Cody Jr.

A Black Male by Roland Cody Jr.

#blacklivesmatter, gj padilla, the talking district, racism, white privilege

Bravo! This is an amazing, heartfelt, poignant, realistic, well written article. At one point while reading it I noticed my left hand up against my heart- even the coldest of hearts will be moved by the authenticity of Roland’s words.
He chaperones the reader through a-day-in-the-life of a Black Male while managing to leave no loop holes for racist interjection or misunderstanding, because….it is HIS lived experience and not up for editing or rewrites.

Suggested citation:Cody, Roland (2015) “A Black Male,” Intertext: Vol. 23: Iss. 1, Article 17.
Available at: http://surface.syr.edu/intertext/vol23/iss1/17


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