The Fathomed Soul … a journey of personal transformation



the fathomed soul, art, photography, relationships, soul, what if you heard transformation
coming for you

each step toward you
like a guillotine
threatening to sever
those parts of you
no longer needed

would you run?
pretend it wasn’t there?

Deep down below
in the dungeons of my soul
resides a negotiator
of repeatedly
warding off transformation

transformation patiently waits
at the gate
at times, pleading, to come in
with tidings of good will

while the guillotine
petitions innocently
to make a clean cut
wanting to amputate
the straggles
of my soul

What if I heard transformation coming
and with every inch
of its slither
toward me … beckoned courage?

to ride the wave
of the negotiator’s

and courage grew
out of the stillness
of each moment?

by the choir
of angelic voices
from the pit of my stomach
as I choose to stay

parts of me
becoming transformed
by the elixir
of my pain
of my suffering
of my longing

Promoting a stillness
a severing of self
in a warm welcome
to the love child
born of the union
of the old… and the new

a newness birthed
out of a death
to self
a self
no longer welcomed

I know pain
I know suffering
have been married to fear
for years now

a constant communion
with this trinity
is the only way
to suffocate
that which needs to die
for renewal’s sake

I am willing
to die
as a welcoming gesture
to transformation









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