It’s My Prerogative … I’ll edit if I want to!

It was recently brought to my attention that an unedited, “raw” photograph, is superior to an edited one. Really!
In my artistic reality,  imagery and I will dance, talk, and make love all night long if we have to in order to
birth the particular piece of art desiring to emerge.
Art is art if you say it is art. When you say it is art it matters not how the final product is achieved – that is the beauty and accessibility of it. If your unedited photograph is not your art, then we aren’t even having the same conversation. If the pictures you take are your art … then shame on you for  attempting to invalidate someone else’s medium. That makes you a mean artist.
Almost done.
If, however, you claim your unedited photography is not your art, yet covertly wish it were, as you solicit social media validation, then you’re just a hater.
That’s all, I’m done. Carry on.





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