Awareness Now! of eachothers’ EQUAL humanness and right to dignity and respect

If you have to ask, you don't know. Ask someone who knows.

                       If you have to ask, you don’t know. Ask someone who knows.

The current state of our humanity requires a smart, sophisticated, and superior level of consciousness in order to realize and recognize the demoralizing affects of racism in America. In other countries as well, but considering the police killing of unarmed youth, Mike Brown, in Ferguson, and countless other people of color across the US, I bring the issue home.

I am bewildered by the social media responses offered by those who are not aware of the underlying racist ideals at the heart of such an act. They range from counter accusations that ‘to identify behavior as racist’ is racism, to justifying the homicide of Mike Brown as an act that could only have been prompted by behavior warranting the necessary ending his life in order for the cop to have felt safe.

I am not so much bewildered by the presence of such unaware comments, because I see them quite often, as I am perplexed by the volume of inferior reasoning, and the primal level of (un)consciousness required to have such inhumane considerations for others; specifically, inhumane considerations reserved for others of specific color.

One of my pet peeves is the cry of reverse discrimination. Where do I begin with the dismantling of this revved-up, overused rhetoric covertly aimed at minimizing the realization actual racism. The very wording reverse discrimination is a contradiction in term when you consider the dominant culture claiming victim-hood, are the ones who have been uniquely positioned to generate, implement, and promote discrimination to begin with. They don’t like it when the very thing they’ve been peddling is now being peddled to them.

What is really happening is, they are on occasion, being treated in the same manner they have held themselves privileged to treat others. When a court verdict is reversed, judgment is taken back, along with all the consequences of said judgment. To follow the reasoning of those crying reverse discrimination would be for a judge reversing a judgment to then convict the plaintiff. And somehow the judge is also the defendant. True reverse discrimination would have discriminatory acts undone – someone denied a rental unit based on the color of their skin, would be granted that same unit in an act of reversed discrimination.

As I dismount my soapbox, let me make one final comment, on a topic that can hardly be properly attended to in a daily, impromptu blog, such as I am posting today – bringing Awareness Now! is not about flipping the script and re-appropriating the domination of one group of people (aka, race), to another. What matters is that all people have equal access to all resources, and are equally afforded and supported in reaching and achieving whatever means necessary to gain access.

Wikipedia’s brief coverage of the social construction of race offers enough information to expose the ism, or ideology, imbedded in its conception, and the probable ambition of its existence. Increased exposure and prevalence of such an ideology would lead one to think the demise of this faulty social system would soon follow; but with countless incidents like the senseless homicide of Mike Brown, coupled with rampant debates over the reality of this human travesty, it has become ever clearer that people need to become Aware Now! of the false ideals and beliefs underlying not only the actual murder, but the social aftermath of debates and controversy.

Finally, let us remember that we are of the same humane race, and can fall prey to levels of unawareness in our personal lives, so that we too can, and most likely do, treat others less humanely than we should. With that said, I will continue to search my heart, attitude, and behaviors, towards others, for signs of being unaware, or less than kind and loving.

In memory and honor of all those who have been oppressed, humiliated, murdered, at the hands of unaware humans.


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