The Art Of Loss: cut them and move on

The Art Of Loss: cut them and move on

The loss of anything can be painful, especially if it involves a loved one or dear friend. The discontinuation of what once was can leave gaps in the synaptic function, and cause emotions to become anxious from having to fly solo.

This might sound like an extreme reaction for the loss of a wallet or purse, but recall the frantic state of mind you went into if you’ve ever experienced such a loss, and you’ll see they’re quite similar – the duration might vary.

In my opinion, when it comes to loss, it is how we endure the duration of that loss, which determines how we recalibrate ourselves, post-loss. This endurance and recalibration to life, having nothing to do with the value of what once was, has a plasticity specific to our personality and journey.

Anyhow… I say all that, to say this – today I lost my first tooth. Cracked right in half. I was devastated. More like mortified. And once people started making references to my broken tooth only being the beginning of what was to become of getting older, I began to feel the loss of my youth.

Whoah! So my tooth lacks plasticity, and my youth no longer bounces me back? By the end of today I was spinning…….after dentist quotes I was in utter inertia. See, until today I had a perfect set of choppers. After the loss of my tooth – a less than perfect set of choppers, with one jagged edge for a tooth that once was.

I gave myself half a day to mourn, then decided to cut my loss, less I be consumed by more loss. Get my drift?

R.I.P. Left mandibular 3rd molar …. it’s been nice knowing you. You’ve been very good to me, and it’s time to move on.


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