The Red Balloon: inception of the talking district

The Red Balloon

When I first saw Albert Lamorisse’s 1956 short film, The Red Balloon (Le Ballon rouge) I was about ten years old.

I continue to be in awe by how an inanimate object can carry on like an ordinary person. The red balloon prodded and escorted the young boy along his journey like a good friend or mentor would. I wasn’t necessarily drawn to befriend this unattended red balloon adrift my apartment complex, but I definitely heard it call my name.

How we relate, engage, or dialogue with the inanimate is why I blog. Interestingly, inanimate is defined as: 1) not alive, especially not in the manner of animals and humans. 2) showing no sign of life; lifeless. Yet, it’s not beyond an inanimate object to offer a broader and richer engagement than an actual human being. Just thought it was worth noting.

For me there hasn’t always been a synergy between people, places, and things – it took places and things to draw me to people. Since then, it’s been nice to go back to places and things and tell them about the people.


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