A Flower For Elliot

a flower for elliot

I offer to you, Elliot
A flower
A prayer
and others like you
Whose gazes inside
Become suspicious stares

You are the son of a father
Whose torn heart may not mend
You looked in far too long
Perhaps began to pretend

You’re my son
My own neighbor
A boy I once kissed
To turn away from your face
Is to the former, to dismiss

You remind me of Bobby
Who in first grade could not refrain
He smelled of urine
The teacher begged me to retrain

“Befriend him”, she said
“So he won’t stink up the class.
Tell his mother to bathe him.
Poor, pitiful, lass.”

Trickle down
Trickle down
Open wide up
To you the glass is not half empty
There’s simply no cup

With a knife in one hand
A gun in another
You yelled at the looking glass
“Why even bother!”

With a knife in one hand
A gun in the other
You drove with a vengeance
Took down

Who were your classmates?
Your mother?
Your friends?
Was their refusal to see you
What brought on the end?

Off with his head!
Say the NRA naysayers
Who are blinded to the dis-ease
Of social betrayers

Too many lives
You took down
You didn’t even know
For the suspended stares inside
Left no time, to sow

A flower for Elliot
And the others who’ve perished
May we all take the time
To hold dear, one another
Truly love
To cherish


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