Then Again … maybe I won’t: the yes & no’s of life, and findng balance

Then Again ... mayby I won't

I’ve carried around with me this fantasy that one day life will be simple. It turns out I  took simple to mean balance.

I also thought there would be nothing but joy and happiness. I was seeking constant joy & happiness, when what I desired was fluidity and peace.

I thought the day would come when life’s meaning would be revealed to me. Apparently, the meaning has been the journey itself.

When I was a little girl I dreamt of being the best mommie in the world. It didn’t take long to discover there is no best mommie…anywhere. We all do our best.

Several months ago I plummeted into the dark side, while on the Hollywood freeway, and thought I would die from extreme emotions. I called this day, Epic Friday. Did I mention that was several months ago? Turns out my soul is tenacious, and has stamina that always pulls me through.

I was discouraged tonight as the day came to a close- because I was not motivated to blog, and had the fleeting thought of giving up. Turns out something did want to be spoken to, so here’s the blog.

Life has its ups and downs, high’s and lows, yin and yang. What I know today is if I suit up, show up, face forward, and have one more breath in me, chances are balance will be achieved. I just know it.





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