Dream Walking And Talking: when dream world & wake world interact, follow suit

Dream Walking: when dreams world & wake world collide into meaning

When dream world and wake world blend, it takes reality up a notch, beyond simple déjà vu, into an esoteric realm of reality; that space between dreaming and waking. That space where anything can happen, and nothing seems quite real.

Two nights ago I dreamt of fire springing up all over the city. What was different about this recurring dream was, finding direction and safety. Other fire dreams end in uncertainty: of my safety, what role I’m suppose to play, and how the fire will affect everyone.

In this particular dream I find a path made of dirt, with a sidewalk on either side. Similar to Dorothy’s yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz, I have a sense of direction, and feel safe from the witch, well, in my case, the fire.

As I move along, I am inclined to pay reverence to this path, for being my beacon and warding off the fire. Before I can offer a gesture of gratitude, the Path stops me, in my tracks, declaring, “There will be no rituals!”

Implied in this statement was an insistence to move forward, wasting no time on niceties, gestures, or rituals.

Well, OK then!

I woke up impressed by the dream, and the statement made regarding rituals. I was curious to know its relevance to my life.

Later that morning I take a walk, which includes a steep hill. Halfway up the hill I notice several shards of plastic alongside the road. Initially looking like remnants of an automobile crash, I pass it by, putting my effort and attention on getting up the hill.

But, it has caught my attention, and won’t let up until I go back and inspect it. Upon a closer look, I see that it is a VHS cassette mangled by hurried vehicles. I step further into the shoulder of the road to retrieve the piece containing the title of the movie.

This is where things get strange, and my dream world blends with my waking world.

The title of this thrown-to-the-wayside, mangled up video, is, African Ritual and Initiation by Malidoma Patrice Some. African Ritual and Initiation

As if the coincidence between this street-find and my dream weren’t enough…brace yourself – this is the very same VHS video I donated a week ago, to a thrift store on the other side of town. True story. It had the same last due date stamped on it, and name of the institution that had given it away when I got it.

Why, I ask myself, has Ritual insisted on getting my attention?

My depth psychological orientation warns against reference book interpretations, favoring active imagination or an embodied, experiential, approach.

The question remains, though, what is required of me at this point? As a steward of this material, to what end am I being asked to interact with this material which has been offered by both my dream, and waking world?

I’m also a little anxious, like a kid wanting to unwrap his presents before Christmas day;  I want a sneak preview of how this is meant to affect me, and how might I use it toward the good of others?

That’s not how it works, and I know this. My first step toward dialoging with this rich material is to blog it with you all, putting it out into the world to see what emerges.

With that said, I am going to sleep, in hopes of new, insightful information that will lead me … down the yellow brick road, and show me what is behind the curtain.

Flying Frog


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