Redemption Flows, where love goes: a mother and daughter story

Redemption Flows, where love goes: a mother and daughter story

Life can be filled with so much pettiness, with ego leading the way. Along the petty way, we make mistakes; at times, some rather large ones.

These errors can cause grief, heart breaks, and a sense of abandonment. If we’re lucky, the day comes when we get our ass kicked real good; we loose the face-off with ego and her entourage. Being right-sized by this ass whipping, we are then, and only then, in a position to face, in life, what really matters.

Choice point offers more than options. If the right choice is made, it can lead to the road of redemption; where soul comes alive, silver linings are magically wrapped around tragedies, and relationships are mended.

This has been my life story. I know a little something about redemption, in a real big-kind-of-way. I am by no means the same woman I was when I set out on life’s journey, but remnants of her remain – the story teller. She remains to tell the story, of how some of us do life, and how the option of redemption, is always an option.

She stays around to filter out the petty things in life, or set me back on track when I am distracted by the insignificant details that pale in comparison to the story of redemption.

She stays close to guide my journey and act as the look-out gal, lest I become, the petty.

You see, when it’s all said and done, our story is what we have, and future chapters are what we become stewards of. I am a steward of my future story, to which I am obligated to keep spiritually and emotionally fitted for.

I am, today, a different woman than I was yesterday, a few years ago, five years ago, or ten years. ago. I am a second mother to my children, set aside from the one I started out to be … I am committed and devoted to this significant journey. To these human beings I brought into this world, I am a Forever Mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mother who has ever done her best, or has fallen short of her best, short of the ideal or good-enough mother she should be to her children.

I pray you find the redemption I have found along this path – a path like no other. At the next cross section of choice point, see your way down the path that is right for you and your family, and allow humility and God’s grace to accompany you.


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