A Day In The Life of Me: a smorgasbord of imagery and ideas


So much imagery caught my attention today, sparking a train of thoughts, seemingly disconnected.

Yet, the train of thoughts had a common thread- me.

I can’t even remember the sequence of those thoughts at this moment. I intended to write them down as soon as I got home, but as soon as I got home, I was distracted.

Some ideas and imagery that impressed me today:

1. Cops patrolling, and the current gang injunction trial in Santa Barbara. Of all the strategies anti gang injunction activists have applied, prayer has not been one of them.

I believe it would be helpful to have moments set aside for prayer….intercession for social concessions.

2. I picked a dandelion and made a wish; I grew up doing this, with a measurable level of success. I went all out and made a ginormous wish today….I can’t wait to see the results.

3. I pondered my mom’s limited years left on earth, as she approaches her 70th birthday. Later in the day, I was struck by my own aging face, and how uncertain I felt about it. Until now I hadn’t connected the the meaning of us both growing old, older, together.

The nice thing about succumbing to the lack of control I have over my aging body, as it pertains to vanity, is that, I have little control. Aside from a holistic approach to nutrition, exercise, and soul work, my skin is no match for gravity.

And I must say, gravity has been an asset to my human existence, keeping me grounded. Perhaps what holds you down, eventually pulls you down…..and that’s ok.image

4. The thing that distracted me when I got home, was singing. More of an attraction than distraction, but it did interfere with me jotting down my thoughts. It freed my soul…singing often frees my soul. It loosened the phlegm in my chest too; a benefit I forgot to anticipate.

What continues to puzzle my singing experience is the phenomena of carrying a high note. It’s a head note that paradoxically relies on a detached strategy; detaching from effort. Unlike deeper notes, whose success can be aided by the efforts of the gut and diaphragm, the high notes mostly rely on a psychological clearance. In my experience anyways.

5. Lastly, is the conundrum of human beings, as a, social being. We are social creatures whose existence and sustainability relies heavily on other humans, yet, observing a public context, i.e. restaurants, bus stop, stores, etc., and you couldn’t see any less concern for one another, let alone simple eye contact.

With the demise of the nucleus family, and many families being separated by states and continents, aren’t we risking isolation to the point of annihilation?

With so many uncertainties and human bloopers, at the end of the day, when I connect with my in-breath, and then with my out-breath, I realize my ultimate reality is right in the moment. I know, a little on the cliché side, but it’s a potent cliché, capable of resolving whatever doesn’t make sense in a day in the life …. of me.

I’d have to say, it was a privilege to be six feet above ground, able in body, mind, and psyche, to have these observations and thoughts. Yes, it has been a good day.

Good night.


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