The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: dancing with probiotics and antibiotics in an unreasonable society

The Good, The Bad, and the ugly

So let me get this right – probiotics, meaning pro life, are good micro organisms which combat bad micro organisms … thus restoring balance to the gut flora.

An unbalanced gut environment, whose pH [p(otential of) h(ydrogen)] levels are off, host and breed bad bacteria, which results in digestion irregularities, and can aid and abet viruses and other bad organisms.

With me, so far? By the way, do your own research; I’m sure there’s much more to this complicated stomach science.

OK, here’s the kicker … in the event your system’s off balance to the point you get sick there’s a good chance that if you go to your doctor he will give you antibiotics to combat your ailment. Antibiotics “either kills or inhibits the growth of a microorganism” ….. but wait! Didn’t you not have enough to begin with, which is why you got sick.

That’s some sick reasoning, right!

Before you burn me at the stake as an esoteric-promoting, anti Western medicine she-witch, I’m merely putting definitions in a sequence of order to illuminate a point; Western medicine might want to reconsider its logic.

Not all poison is the elixir. I’m a hypocrite in some respects, but not in this case. I’ve been known to blog about our poison being our elixir; this example is the exception.

You might be thinking about cases when antibiotics have saved lives, so in that respect; the poison might be the elixir… sort of. But that’s like calling the guy who kidnaps you, then frees you, your rescuer.

The way I’ve spoken of the poison being the necessary element that heals you, is more relevant when the poison is a dynamic, on the unconscious level, and when it’s transformed, it becomes capable of making things right.

In the case of probiotics and antibiotics, we know too much, or should know, that we are in the grip of a self inflicted, pharmaceutical conspiracy. Our need for convenience and dependency on processed foods is most likely what has put us in the funky gut-flora predicament to begin with, and good ol’ Johnson and Johnson, or whoever mass produces antibiotics, are doling them out like they’re candy; only for a much higher price.

I’m almost done, I swear.

So how, you ask, do we gracefully bow out of this ill intended collaboration with pharmaceutical corporations? Educate ourselves to the point we are literate of our own bodily functions, then be willing to commit to a lifestyle that promotes health and balance. That’s how.

And no! The answer is not to make sure you get your annual flu shot. Haha…. come on, you have to laugh at yourself for that one. By the way, flues and colds don’t have seasons; last I heard there are only Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Ok, now I am done. I must admit though, the accompanying photo is a glass of probiotics I took to help me recover from the very bad cold I caught last week. Well, I didn’t get my glove out and catch it, I screwed with my body’s balance and set the climate for the cold … I basically welcomed it in. Aren’t I a good host?

Not! I often need reminding myself, of what is really important in life.

On that note, here’s to a healthy life.


One thought on “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: dancing with probiotics and antibiotics in an unreasonable society

  1. SO I am thinking that one might take an ANTIbiotic to kill of organisms that make us sick, an then take a PRObiotic in order to establish the “friendly flora” of the digestive system ….. but what do I know??? I am not a Doctor — 🙂


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