Headbutting 101: 7 ways to have fun

Headbutting Seven ways to have fun:

1) Make sure the other person or group is open to having fun; pure, clean fun.

2) Let fun lead the way, and be open to how it unfolds. Beware, you might find yourself laughing out of control, consider wearing an adult diaper.

3) Avoid attempts to control the fun flow – trying to tell or lecture someone on the way to have fun only takes the fun away. This guide to fun is an exception. No textbooks, documentaries, dogma, or meanness allowed. Fun will not have any of that.

4) Be a good sport. You know what I’m talking about.

5) Forget how old you are, age is irrelevant.

6) No need to consult your physician before engaging, and you are encouraged to try this at home.

7) If at first you don’t succeed, try again, starting from scratch.

Over time you will get very good at having fun, and might become a bit of a nuisance to grumpy or anxious people, who have yet to start having fun. That’s OK, be patient and tolerant with non-funners, they will eventually want what you have, and ask you to show them the way.

Don’t worry about over doing it, I had that same concern in the beginning, but fun has a way of happening at the perfect time, and in the right dose.

Yes, people will stare and gawk, don’t let this alarm you; most likely, what you are doing will be foreign to them. Again, be patient and tolerant, onlookers, too, will want to know the way.

Some other side effects might include: a good night’s sleep, healthier relationships, six-pack abs from all the laughing, a stronger bladder after the first few sessions, and an open mind. Possibly most important will be the lack of interest you will have in picking fights with others – which you will find has always been a misappropriation of attempts at fun.

Don’t bother Youtubing fun sessions, in time you will see that the value of the experience eliminates tendencies towards exhibitionism. Facebook, twitter, and other exhibitionist forums might go through withdraws from the reduction of posts, but soon, they too will catch wind of all the fun going on, and want to have some of their own. Again, be patient and tolerant.


Please, do come back and share your fun experiences with me in the comment section – I can’t wait to hear about it.


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