What’s The 411? body information please

What's The 411: body information plesase

Two years ago Service Master had to work on some water damage that occurred when fire fighters put out a fire in one of the apartments behind me. Subsequent to their departure they left behind a key box on my front door. The key box was how they gained access to my apartment when I wasn’t home.

Until recently I hadn’t needed to access the key box. My first attempt at using it was challenging when I realized I couldn’t remember the combination. I tried several times to remember it, but to no avail.

Frustrated, I decided to give it one more try. This time I used an old trick that would work for me when I was younger; I let my body do the work and left my mind out of it. In other words, I acted as if I knew the combination, without trying to remember it.

It worked!

I use the key box more often, like when I go for runs, so I don’t have to take the house key with me. Each time I access it I don’t think about the combination, I simply go through the motions and enter the correct numbers. In fact, if I do try and think the numbers through, it usually throws me off.

This situation with the key box has been a nice reminder that my body holds much more memory than my mind, and is often more reliable.

If you’ve ever misplaced something, and the only way you can find it is to literally go through the same motions as when you lost it, in order to find where you misplaced item, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s like that; only I believe there’s more to this body memory than we give it credit for.

I’m clear about somatic implications, and how body aches and pains can represent psychological conditions, but I think that ‘s another version of body memory than what I’m referring to.

From now on I am going to resource my body either before, or in conjunction with my mind’s memory. I don’t know exactly how I will conduct this little experiment, and I’m sure I’ll begin to see how I  already have been gaining information from my body; I’m  interested in how the method is executed, and how I can mindfully use it more often.

Right now, my body tells me I’m sleepy and should rest my head on my pillow and go to sleep, so on that note, I will listen to my body and go to bed.

Good night


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