A Big Mac, Some Packages, and A Little Perseverance: ingredients of a dream

A Big Mac, Some Packages, and A Little Perseverance: ingredients of a dream

We all dream. In the throws of R.E.M., we dream. The details, colors, people, etc., or the omission of such details, can present itself as meaningful or prophetic. Our mission to figure out the meaning of our dreams can take us from dream symbolism books, to dream analysts.

Last night I dreamt I was in McDonalds ordering a Big Mac. I was very excited about this burger, and requested that it be cut in four. I wasn’t sure if the quarter sized pieces were for rationing, or I simply wanted to extend the pleasure of the Big Mac.

I had come to the restaurant with my arms full of shopping packages. I was challenged with trying to manage the packages while also getting myself fed.

The highlight of the dream was a Christmas present that showed up in the middle of the floor. It was partially unwrapped, exposing the gift inside; potentially ruining the surprise for whomever it was for.

The disappointment I felt with myself over this apparently dropped and half-unwrapped gift informed me I had been responsible for the present. I quickly retrieved it from the floor in hopes of regaining my sense of manageability with the packages. I was also determined to find a way to rewrap it.

When I woke up, I wanted a Big Mac, badly – that was the first thing that stood out for me about the dream. When I attempted to recount the dream details what quickly came to mind was the image of the half opened Christmas present. Remembering that detail, and being willing to embrace it, gave me immediate relief; I don’t know why.

Dreams are phenomenal, period! For centuries cultures from all over the world have approached and explored dreams in many different ways.

Since I was very young I have been an avid, adventurous dreamer of some of the most fantastical kinds. I have flown, I have died, I have cried, and I have reenacted real life events, save for different actors.

On rare occasions there have been the dreams that have had such an impact on me, I am under their influence for up to a week. I dare not interpret those rarities; their power and influence tend to shut down my desire to analyze and understand them. I’m simply, different.

The dreams I have chosen to work with are the ones with recurring themes or imagery – those dreams have a persistent nature to them, with their carrot-dangling imagery egging me on. Perseverance seems to be the name of that game; some of those thematic dreams have gone on for decades with little to no insight to their meaning.

Overall, I tend to just go with how I feel after certain dreams, rather than rely on the meaning I can glean from them. When I don’t engage with a particular dream in the way it wants me to, it will come back and petition me from a different angle. Dreams are persistent little fellows.

A friend of mine recently sent me a good night text suggesting I have sweet dreams. Funny I thought, of all the ways I have dreamt, and all the details entailed, sweet has never been an obvious quality.

But I understood what he meant, and I appreciated the nighttime salutation.

I wish you all, a good night, and sweet dreams.


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