A Woman’s Worth

A Woman's Worth

Her body is not her own
It belongs to media madness
She likes to be left alone
For moments of private sadness

Of her own glory she will betray you
Examine it if you will
You’ll likely look the other way
If she doesn’t fit the bill

Tell her she’s the only one
Tell her she will do
Of her shyness, she’ll oblige us
Elle sera plus de l’imbécile, que vous

She’ll take an image of herself
Edit it in her mind
In her mind, to you, she’ll always be
The bride of Frankenstein

The day will come
She’ll come undone
Tired of fooling herself more than you
An inner strength will begin to guide her
To a worthy image fit for view

You see, a woman’s worth
Does not it take
From the assessment of another
For the day she was born
In her loving mother’s arms
She was a beauty above all others

A woman’s worth
Takes more than a man
Another woman
Or the media

It takes her only one moment
To look way deep inside
To see the worthiness of a kingdom

A woman’s worth is her own
That must be worn like the Queen of Sheba
Take it away
The whole world you’ll betray
Of her worthiness you’ll never see in her


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