Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Wings

A butterfly is a gentle creature
Don’t scream at her

She is courageous because life is fleeting
Try not to scare her

She is graceful in her fluttery momentum
Startling her is not a good idea

She will migrate to beautiful places
Best to not clip her wings

Blurry and contrasting are the pallets of her wings
Bleaching them is not recommended

butterfly kisses will transform you
in a gentle way
courageously offering you pure love
although the kiss itself is fleeting
it is graceful
causing your stomach to flutter
migrating your soul to beautiful places

We are all
each of us
gentle yet courageous
forgetting at times
how fleeting life is
Yet… grace will abound sending you fluttering about your way

Offer a gentle soul a butterfly kiss and watch how it transforms


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