Youth In Dialogue …WILL talk, SO LISTEN UP!

Youth In Dialogue ...WILL talk, SO LISTEN UP!

I am always impressed, but never surprised, by the amount of wisdom that comes out of the mouths of youth. If we listen, and welcome their input, they will gladly give it.

I love to engage with youth while doing art, being in dialogue, and playing. Offer a young person any one of these mediums of interaction, and you will not only learn something about them, you most likely will learn something about yourself.

Tending to the souls of our young people is no easy task, primarily because they are still full of truth, and their bullshit barometer functions quite well. It is devastating when we try to pull bullshit off as truth to a young person.

I believe we underestimate the impact and influence our youth can have on society, and their own lives. Too busy creating hoops for them to jump through, and ways to keep them busy while we do what we have to do to keep up with the Jones, many of our young people end up in conditions similar to Lord of The Flies – not a single grown up around to act like one.

I am honored to be in the presence of the local youth from my neighborhood, who on a daily basis have something to teach me about humanity.

If possible, engage in a conversation with your child or other young person in your life, completely give of yourself to the sacred space between you. Let them have your full attention, and be real with them.

You will be pleasantly surprised by what can occur when you dialogue with youth, let them talk, and listen up.


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