Off The Grid

Off The Grid

IMG_3239I fantasize about a day when I can live off the grid. No traditional electricity whatsoever, and my own garden to grow greens and other nourishing foods. I’d have a few chickens too, who I’d name, and eat their eggs.

I dream of a day when I can live in community, but not live within the kind of community that supports the hustle and bustle of a busy life that takes away from family under the illusion that it is giving to family.

I imagine a culture of play and laughter. Where kids are modeled appropriate behaviors and ways of being in community, rather than lectured about it.

I desire a living environment where no one feels alone, and unity is more productive and alluring than individualism. Where autonomy has more to do with each person getting their fair share of eye contact and love, rather than the right to think of his own interest.

I want a community of people who think on behalf of all the other members when they are making big decisions, and how the group as a whole will be affected.

I love the idea of people not having to lock their doors, and the open-door policy creating a safe and trustworthy place.

And elders, I pray for a day in the near future when the wisdom of elders is once again respected, and sought; a place where young parents look to experienced parents and grandparents, for support and direction.

I envision a community where time and place are noted for their rituals and ceremony. Where the rights of passage remind people how important and epic certain points in time of the human experience are.

I realize we have moved away from the kind of communityIMG_3276 and world that I dream of, yet I hold a place for its return. I will try to become and model what I petition to return.

I am grateful for the human spirit, and all the ways we do the best we can, given all the complicated and demanding things thrown our way.

I invite you to imagine the world, the community, the family, and the relationships you want to experience, and then become it. In fact, I dare you to.


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