Life Pixels: reflecting on self

Life In PixelsPixels are defined as “the smallest addressable element in an all points addressable display”

I try to live my life reflectively, paying close attention to areas that are troublesome, or less than satisfactory. When I painstakingly reflect on why it is I am particularly positioned to a situation or issue, I can usually gain my footing by making a few adjustments from within.

Rarely am I thrilled to encounter these adjustments, but when I do, I’m glad I did. Getting up close and personal with others or myself takes commitment and focus. The risks of committing to a reflective life is: adjusting too much, or missing the mark altogether, because I’ve lost sight of the bigger picture.

While editing today’s photo I encountered such problems. I would zoom in real close so I could edit the photo at a mega pixel level, in order to get a flawless picture –  after I had done a significant amount of editing I’d zoom back out, and  see I had  adjusted too much, or too little. The remedy to this dilemma was to simply zoom in and out as I made corrections; this way I could keep the bigger picture in mind at the same time.

It’s not so easy with real life; zooming in and out, hoping to stay focused and committed long enough to actually make the appropriate alterations. Occasionally, the problem is one of perception. In those cases, resourcing another set of eyes becomes essential to appropriate adjustments.

There are times when I simply have to remove myself from situations or stimuli in order to assess whether or not it is I who needs to be different. It isn’t always the case that I do, but it is always the case that I take a look at myself.

When I had just about done all the editing I could to the photo, I zoomed out and liked what I saw, until I decided to zoom back in to take another look. By zooming back in I saw more pixels that could be altered to make it picture perfect. At that moment I zoomed back out, hit the save button, and walked away from the computer.

A reflective life is practical, even essential, to growing toward a wholesome and fulfilling life. Looking too close and paying too much attention to life pixels can consume time better spent just living life.

A picture perfect life needn’t always be perfect, but it should always be looked at carefully.


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