Lady Perdition

Lady Perdition

Lady Perdition
Lives on a curve
Higher than her own

She gives of her heart
Almost fallaciously
Begging to be enthroned

Faults of her own
She fears will tell
How she got this way

Lady Perdition
Sitting on her tuffet
Eating her curds and whey

You can’t sit down
Beside her
Cause the lad done spied her
Trying to find her way

She’s had a good day
Once thought she lost her way
When she saw the fool beside her

Tell her just once
Why she mustn’t be swayed
Of her jollies you’ll deny her

Lady Perdition
Got lost on a mission
Carrying on her way

Fell into a well
Knew she done
Gone to hell
And was swept
Eternally away


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