Grunion Hunting For The Unconscious

Grunion Hunting For My Unconscious

What question did I wake up with, and how will my day unfold to answer it?

That was what I asked myself nearly twelve hours ago, and still no question or answer. Even though my petition to know the day’s question yielded no fruit, I can’t help but think we must start our day out with some sort of theme, which has underneath it, a question.

So then I ask myself, “Self, is there a theme you woke up with?” still no answer. Was I to go through my day clueless to the agenda of my own conscious, now apparently sequestered to the unconscious?

As a depth psychologist, I’m well versed in the function and antics of the unconscious, its shadows and complexes in tow; I get the non-response to my question, I just didn’t expect the answer to go incognito so swiftly.

The unconscious kind of reminds me of grunion hunting. Grunions come ashore on full moons to lay their eggs; they are slippery little suckers, and after much effort and running around you might end up with a handful, which amounts to about the size of an appetizer.

So, there you have it! Petitioning the unconscious is like grunion hunting: you have to desire it, it takes a lot of effort to acquire, and you may only catch enough to satisfy you a little, leaving you still hungry for more. And it may only come out under certain conditions.

Here’s what I realize, if grunion were abundantly available, and took little to no effort to acquire, I would probably be less than interested in them.

I suppose I’ll wait till tomorrow, or the next day, or till whenever, for my unconscious to come out and lay her eggs, and see what questions hatch – until then, I’ll eat salmon and howl at the moon.


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