What Good Is Justice, when what we need is Grace*

What Good Is Justice, when what we need is Grace*

The judge’s final comments, mom could use some help with her temper, and dad needs work on his passivity. It’s unfortunate families are torn apart, and even more so when children are involved.

I learned a lot today about my ex husband, and myself: the both of us authentically care about our boys and love them, and we both have very different interpretations and perceptions of our kids’ well-being, and how our respective parenting styles affect them.

At the end of our day in court, I had more compassion for my ex husband, and his desire to be the best father he can be; and I realize, finger pointing only points four more back at you – at me.

There were several moments, when in the pursuit of justice, both lawyers mud slung; moments when what we needed most, was grace. I am thankful for my counsel, and at the same time, I wanted to chastise him for how he treated my ex during cross-examination, and in his closing argument.

Grace! …more grace, please, I thought.

All of us were ordered six weeks of therapy, and are to submit to mini evaluations.  By enlisting objective parties, we hope to generate a course of action that serves the best interest of the children. I hope grace prevails – and justice triumphs

A few last things: I am grateful for the loving friends who attended and spoke on behalf of my character. They know me, they love me, and they like me. I like that.

I’m also grateful for my ex husband, who, in spite of his skewed perception, pursued his convictions, which to him, stem from truth; his intentions are noble. I’m also grateful for myself, for showing up for this court date, knowing the objective was to character assassinate my motherhood.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but the lack of truth will never hurt me. And where there were traces of truth, I shall address.

Lastly, I am immensely grateful for the judge, whose thoughtful ruling implied thoughtful listening, careful wagering, and a sensitivity toward all parties.

In the end, was justice served? Could we have used more grace? We shall see.

*Blog title taken from song lyrics by Steve Soto


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