Will The Real Social Activist PLEASE STAND UP!

Will The Real Social Activist PLEASE STAND UP!

Considering the climate of our society, and environment, the masses are beginning to respond in dramatic ways. Social upheaval is everywhere, with public protests, fires breaking out, and people on both sides of the political opinion being hurt and killed.

For the most part, people’s convictions keep them aligned with their actions, and it’s not difficult to discern which side of an issue someone stands on. At times, however, the line gets blurred, and threatens to divide, rather than unite. Without united forces, it’s nearly impossible to fathom a movement significant enough to make necessary changes.

Money, the ultimate god, works as leverage, making it difficult to determine money-tainted truths, from actual facts. The lines between bearers of truth and justice, and delusional corruption, are not only blurry, they act as smoke screens. Those not informed, or ill-informed, sway in opinion and apathetic condolences, often pitying the conspiracy theorist of the world, whom they claim, make trouble for the rest.

But still, unrest prevails, no one is at peace –and necessary changes remain; at the heart of the issue is, who is telling the truth, and, in what ways are we all accountable for the demise of society? …and… will the real social activist please stand up!

We are all caught up in a catastrophic dependency, with a sense of helplessness and inability to create sustainable circumstances for our children, our community, and ourselves. Because time is of the essence, it is time we stop playing victim to corporate America, and learn ways to sustain. Now is the time to take action where action can be taken, and support change where change needs to be made.

Everyone will have different roles, and not everyone can effectively play all roles. It will become ever necessary that we dialogue, and hear each other, so that we are able to assist one another in fulfilling appropriate roles.

Some will do seemingly mundane roles, while others will “need to get on the train in order to derail it.” We can’t afford to recreate wheels, or point fingers at others for not fighting the right fight; we have to unite…..for a common fight.

No more wagging tongues! No more pissing on our territories as we terrorize each other. There are many ways we all can be social activist, but we must first be, real social activist.

Lines can’t be blurred, if there are no lines dividing. Let the adversary remain on the mountaintops, from which we can clearly see him – and the rest of us will stay on ground level, where WE live, and make positive, sustainable changes, as a united bunch.

That it….I’m done.


3 thoughts on “Will The Real Social Activist PLEASE STAND UP!

    • Merton’s “Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander” has been popping up in my mind throughout most of our Pacifica journey — as soon as I can buy a book I WANT instead of what I NEED I may be picking this up!


  1. I agree that everyone has different roles when it comes to social activism. I think what is hard is to find people who have similar goals. I used to read the works of Thomas Merton, a cloistered monk and wondered how he could possibly write about social activism when he as not “active” in society. Then I learned that there is room for those who contemplate social issues to write about what their contemplation reveals to them.

    A friend recently sent me something on FaceBook that says “Introverts: Unite Separately in our own homes!!!” (OK, I edited it slightly to make it an imperative statement and changed “their” to “our” because I include myself in this group!!) 🙂


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