The Perfect Crime

The Perfect Crime

I’m embarrassed to admit, I love 7-Eleven. That doesn’t mean I go in there often, but at times it takes everything I have to ignore delusional thoughts of cherry-coke slurpees. Once a year, or so, I might break down and walk through their doors and indulge in one; I usually get the itchies – most likely from the red food coloring.

I wish they would stop selling slurpees, and cheap hotgogs, and close their doors at a decent hour. That’s what I wish. I think it’s criminal to sell processed foods that have zero nutritional value and challenge our body’s ability to utilize and dispose of it. I feel like an accomplice when I give in to the urge. I’m not only offending my body, I’m contributing to the perpetuation of processed food sales.

So, where is this all coming from…? Oh, right, I wanted to make a public confession. I BOUGHT AND ATE A DONUT FROM 7-ELEVEN TODAY! Whew! I feel better already.

I found it amusing, that while in line, co-conspiring with 7-Eleven to destroy my body, that there was an isle full of what looked like robbery attire. I got the image of a customer coming in, walking down this isle, purchasing a black beanie, black gloves, and a dark pair of sunglasses, leaving with his purchase, only to return, now inconspicuous with his recent purchase, to rob 7-Eleven.

Then, I got an image of myself, buying the same items, coming back into the store, now inconspicuous with my new purchase, to buy my donut, maybe even a slurpee too. It’s the perfect crime! No one would recognize me…and I could deny I was ever there.


At the end of the day I’d be sitting here, writing my blog, and be overcome by the urge to publicly confess. Well, it sounded like the perfect crime.

What I really want, is for 7-Eleven to stop selling processed foods that have zero nutritional value and challenge my body – then I want them to make a guest appearance on my blog, and not only confess, but publicly apologize. That most likely won’t happen today. And I most likely won’t be walking through their doors for a while.


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