Melancholia’s Plight

Melancholia's Plight

Arises out of the stark night
It forgets to leave by morn
Did I invite?

I asked it what I should do
When day breaks
And I am alone

Never shines very bright
Its tears are vague
Less salty than mine

When it mumbles
I beg for lucidity
Only to have it turn a blind eye on me

Touches the tip of my nose
Threatens to play
Friend or Foe?

I can’t remember
If anyone has ever slipped
Deep into the night
The night melancholia crept in

Fabulous at first
A retreat of soul
Holds on tight – a woeful show

I’ve shaken a few cases
Of melancholious drab
Only to have it return
Its plight in tact

Ever the black bile
From whence do you come,
from the ducts of my guile?

Adrift the next morn
Where do you go
to be reborn?

I will mourn you when you’re gone
I will aloofly carry on
with the antics of my life

Until we meet again
Bitter melancholia
My joyful strife


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