The Little Corner Store

The Little Corner Store

Anyone who grew up with a little corner store nearby will know exactly what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is that special feeling you got as a child knowing you were going to walk to the corner store to get some candy, and the delight that came from just walking through the front doors.

If candy and processed food are bad for you, the good feeling coming from a stroll to the neighborhood corner store wiped away all the badness. Specifically the little Mexican stores; in those stores you not only got the joy of the trip and the candy, you most likely got abuelito or abuela too – which made it all the more cozier.

What my senses remember is the smell. There was a certain smell you inhaled the minute you walked through the door. At one point I thought it was the cement floors. I also convinced myself it was the special wrapping that held the candy till I bought it. Now, I think it was the energetic field that held all the childhood memories of the kids who ever trekked through their doors.

A dime got you a lot, your heart felt lighter and perkier on the way home, and your siblings didn’t seem so bad after all. The owners of the store never followed you around, because back then hardly anyone dared to steal from abuela.

If you happened to find an old wrapper in your pocket from a previous trip, that wrapper alone brought a smile. The pride and love surrounding these little corner stores can never be found at 7-eleven or Wal-Mart.

I don’t know where simplicity went, or how to return to appreciating the little things in life, but I sure do think they could do our kids some good.


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