Authentic Compassion

Authentic Compassion

Compassion in theory is beneficial. It heals and brings about commonality. It promotes the understanding that what someone else is experiencing or expressing is in some way comprehended by another. It attempts to level the playing field of our humanness.

There’s another kind of compassion that surpasses the theoretical one. I’m tempted to call it authentic compassion, however, the essence of the experience I’m referring to can render one speechless. Not just because the moment can take one’s breath away, because it can, but because it’s nearly impossible to put sufficient words to it. With that said, if authentic refers to original, and not a replica, then the term authentic compassion is the closest I can come to naming it.

I will try my best to articulate what I experienced today, and only a few other times in my life, in a general way. The contexts and its details are not necessary to convey my experience.

AUTHENTIC COMPASSION in my experience is:

…a state of sorrow, understanding, and humility. There’s a relief from bondage that is alchemically brought on as a result of the three components. Tears are inevitable, I believe, because judgemental projection is transformed into such a beautiful deep understanding, that humbled grief prevails. In my experience, true grief results when all wounds and sins present are witnessed and understood; as one. There’s a communion between the wounds and sins of others, and one’s own.

It is fleeting and produces a sense of wholeness that encompasses all things and beings. This wholeness renders the ego and it’s cohorts absolutely useless. Not in a minimizing sense; they’re just not needed and cease to exist in this moment of authentic compassion.

Lastly, there’s no interest in trying to replicate it, because the essence of it speaks volumes to its organic and alchemical nature. Everything’s shifted inside, embodying the person with a new point of view, and reference. The gap between oneself and others becomes smaller. I believe the ego is re-calibrated ever so slightly, establishing a new barometer by which to assist the soul’s navigation.

Post script
That’s authentic compassion, to me, today. I wish I could chronicle the events, relationships, or spiritual practices leading up to this moment. I would tattoo them on my forehead. The closest I can come to experiencing it again would be to continue doing what I’m doing, authentically, and trust the right moment and circumstances will alchemically present themselves.


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