Gleaning in the hidden meaning

Gleaning in the hidden meaning

They say people like myself born under the astrological sign of Sagittarius in the year I was born have a knack for gleaning in the hidden meaning. We’re certain there’s more than meets the eye. We are truth seekers often accused of being Pollyannaish. Not because we don’t think hardship or bad luck exist, but because it wouldn’t if there weren’t a silver-lined upside!

OK – by now you’ve got a glimpse of the Sagittarian born under the moon in Virgo.
Ah! I love how astrologically savvy that makes me sound.
But what does it really mean? That’s what I want to know.
After all, this is a tall order even for us Sagittarians to live up to.

It means we stay stuck because moving out of a situation could risk loosing sight of it’s meaning, before we’ve had a chance to get it.
It means we are indecisive, not because we can’t make up our minds but because there are so many angles and options – how could we choose just one.
It means time isn’t always on our side; even procrastination can contain value.
It means we baffle people with what looks a lot like lollygagging when what we’re really doing is dancing in all kinds of possibility.

Here’s the deal – even I can perceive myself as a saint wannabe. It’s all good! At the same time appearing unmotivated, leaving things unraveled by the wayside as I dither my way to the next coffee shop to ‘get things done’. Neither astrological mantras nor telltales of the half horse half man’s way of being come to my rescue. They simply become words and somebody else’s rendition of me.

What I know today is nothing’s as reliable as a good night’s sleep. Nourishing food for the body, and love, calm my soul. At the end of the day, sometimes at the beginning, all I have is an opportunity to get on the good foot and do the right thing. Of course, a long run always guarantees a solid dose of endorphins to help me see the upside of almost anything.

So if I might add…and authors of astrological wisdom take note for the next edition of your book – Sagittarians born under the moon in Virgo are tender souls. We are on the same journey as our fellow human beings. And while there are informative guidelines offering insight into our moves and motives, even ways to chart potential love compatibility with one of us Sag’s, on any given day we can be as flippant as a Gemini or scornful as a Scorpio.


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