The Artist’s Dilemma

The Artist's Dilemma

Day #5 The other day it was brought to my attention that there is a huge difference between eggs from cage-free chickens and eggs from free-range chickens. The latter theoretically allows the chicken to go about her daily business with ample space to roam. The cage-free might live outside the cage, but her inferior crowded condition restricts her. She’s stuck and her eggs will pay the price.
Today when I set out to capture an image for my blog I felt restricted. There was no cage but I was not free to roam. My psyche was crowded by all of you! That is not how it has ever worked for me. Imagery normally seduces me to the point where I cannot not tend to it. I have been known to go on runs and return with objects and gadgets. What are they for? I don’t know! But that’s never been the point. The point has always been to respond to imagery and trust that my psyche (unconscious) and it will come to an agreement of some sort. Sooner or later.
So here I am trying to calculate and magistrate a chance meeting between me and imagery – but you’re all present and I can’t concentrate! No, wait, reverse that. Anyhow, I instruct myself to relax and flow with this now synthetic experience and see what comes up. And lo and behold, something came up.
I couldn’t believe what I landed on when I set out to visit an old jail on the beach I use to play at when I was a kid. It was like metaphor junction! A house of ill repute with enough imagery and seduction to go around for everyone. Before long I was shooting up a storm and forgot about my blog and who would see it and blah blah blog blog blah. Really! It was an eye candy feast and my artistic soul was all the more happy for it.
The moral of the story of the artist’s dilemma is …there is no moral. Isn’t that wonderful! Imagery will find us. We will be seduced. And there will be beautiful eggs for everyone!


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