Walking The Talk

Walking The Talk

Day #4 I love to see things from ground level – getting on my belly like a lizard to see what’s up. Literally. In the middle of this shoot two brothers walked into the picture frame before the shutter could shut. When they apologized for getting in the way of a woman in lizard-motion taking pictures from the ground in the middle of a busy apartment hallway I was stunned. Then saddened. Our youth don’t know how to be in society anymore – and are held to standards even they can’t see from their point of view. When I was a kid I was fortunate to live in a community that encouraged youth to not only ask questions but to investigate. I believe one of the more popular bumpers stickers read ‘question authority’. Some thought it meant to disrespect authority; I took it to mean question the bullshit that passes as knowledge.
Where is the relationship potentiality between youth and adults that stands to facilitate and foster their curiosity and creativity? I wish to walk the talk that you read here. Next time I plan to encourage those young men to see what it is I am up to, down below. Let them have the camera and see what they come up with. Yes, walk the talk.


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